List of products by brand Marshall

Marshall DSL40CR


The DSL40TM has been designed with a 12” G-12 v-type speaker for those who need exceptional tone and flexibility.

Marshall DSL40CR B-Stock


Marshall DSL40CR 1x12" 40 Watt Tube Guitar Combo with Reverb B-Stock,Amp new but received with an hole on the left side (see pictures)
transport damage,aesthetic defect only!

Marshall JVM205H Testata Valvolare 50Watt


In a nutshell, the Marshall all-valve, 2-channel JVM205H 50W tube head is a 2-channel, 50W version of the most versatile Marshall amplifier ever made, the JVM410H. Both channels are completely independent of each other and they boast 3 Modes, all 6 of which are footswitchable and feature their own unique gain structure. It effectively makes the JVM205H 6 Marshalls in one!

Marshall MS-2 Micro Amplificatore


You can take Marshall tone and vibe with you with the Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp. Classic Marshall grille cloth; crunchy distortion; and plenty of volume for good, clean fun.

Marshall MS-2C Micro Amplificatore


Marshall\'s MS-2 Micro Stack pumps out a ton of pure Marshall tone for its diminutive size. This miniature guitar combo amp is ideal for weekend getaways, impromptu jams, and just having fun. One watt may not seem very loud, but trust us - this puppy can crank.