List of products by brand T-Rex

T-Rex Alberta Distortion


The Alberta Distortion Pedal has that creamy overdrive sound reminiscent of a vintage TS-808 with a little more heft in the bottom end. With the gain cranked towards max, the T-Rex Alberta pedal behaves much like a vintage Tube Screamer.

T-Rex Tonebug Phaser


The Tonebug Phaser features a Mode switch, and two simple controls: Rate and Depth. Choose Modern Mode for a crisp, thick-sounding phase, and Vintage Mode for that classic analog vibe.

T-Rex Tremonti Phaser


To create the new T-Rex phase-shifter, we teamed up with one of our time’s masters: Alter Bridge and former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti. A devoted T-Rex user, Mark was looking for the perfect phaser to add to his onstage arsenal, and we’ve come up with a pedal he’s proud to endorse. Tremonti sets a new standard for gorgeous phased sound.