TC Electronic Bodyrez Used

TC Electronic Bodyrez Used in Mint condition with original box
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TC Electronic make some of the worlds most loved effects pedals but one area they haven't updated in a while is their acoustic effects pedals. Now they are looking to fix that with the BodyRez a small and lightweight effects pedal that looks to fix all the sound issues that come with using a Piezo pickup on stage with your acoustic guitar. This simple on knob, one footswitch may be the holy grail of tone you were looking for.

Set Up And Go

For a majority of players this will be incredibly easy to set up. All you need to to do is plug in your guitar one and send the out to the PA system. When turned on just adjust the body control to fit the sound you want to hear and how much you want the BodyRez to affect your signal chain. If it still isn't sounding right however you can use the built in feedback suppression to reverse the polarity of the sound. This will help get rid off that resonant low end which just muddies up a live mix in a horrible way.

Silent Switching

One of the most annoying things about being an acoustic guitar player is that you have to rely on the sound guy to mute your signal while changing guitars. Otherwise you will make a popping sound larger than life and no one wants to hear that. So TC added in a cool little feature where you can hold down the footswitch to mute the signal while changing guitars saving the ears of everyone on and off stage.

Your Guitars Tone

While a lot of pedals say they can save your acoustic sound most of them do it by heavily masking and covering your guitars sound. The BodyRez doesn't do this however as it focuses more on making your guitar fill a mix rather than changing your guitars sound. So don't worry you will still get the sound of your acoustic and not someone else's sound.

Here's what TC Electronic say about the BodyRez

The sound of resonating wood is what gives an acoustic guitar its particular sonic allure, something that doesn't always translate well when you amplify an acoustic instrument using a piezo pick-up system.

Based on the very same unique technology first available in TC-Helicon's Play Acoustic, BodyRez is designed to sweeten the tone of an acoustic guitar's piezo pickup making it sound much more natural and realistic: the way a beautiful full-bodied instrument rightly deserves.

Just like having a sound engineer in a box, BodyRez is housed in a truly simple-to-use and compact pedal that's perfect for every electro-acoustic performer.

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TC Electronic Bodyrez Used

TC Electronic Bodyrez Used in Mint condition with original box

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